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Re: feel like i'm wearing everyone out

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Hi kylep…….. I understand the position. I am a person whose brain functions in what they call the ADD mode…… I’m sixty and have know for the best part of my adult life. So this is not new or fresh by any means…. and I’m good with it, great actually. I can honestly say…. the people that I have shared this fact with I could list on my fingers. Family…. and I mean my immediate family, partner and children know, and understand, it but that is where it stops pretty well…. awww maybe a few others, but that’s it.

Why???? Well it seems… are you ready for this……..I’m not going to be popular by saying this, but………. my experience says……….. MOST OTHER PEOPLE DON”T GIVE A SHIT. Sorry, sure there may be a few who do, but…. by and large, other people have their own lives and issues to deal with. You might get an “oh wow”, a gee whiz, …… or “what the hell is it”…….maybe an, “I think my (………….) has it”. But fact is folks…. most people out there just don’t have the empathy some folks think they should have???? We seem to have quite a number of folks who visit the site and seem to be just plain angry that others don’t seem to get it, or don’t care. Well this is not the only thing they don’t have room in their lives to care about…… sorry, but that’s they way it is. Harsh eh!!!

Funny thing about people is…. they are who they are, and being mad at them for who they are, is the same position we often find ourselves in, only the reverse side of the coin for us. People get frustrated with us too…. some get angry, some berate us for who we are… so how is that working out??? That old mirror is sometimes hard to face…..

It’s my position that this is my life, I am responsible/accountable for what I do with it….. it is up to me to make it shine, or not. If I am not happy with where I’m at, then damn it….. I should do something about it. Learning about, and understanding ADD years ago gave me an opportunity to work with what I have in my toolbox. I feel it is not appropriate for me to beleaguer the rest of the world with how my body functions, I know I would not appreciate it being done to me. If the subject came up in conversation… and I don’t know why it would…. ever……. I would share what I know….. but that’s it. I don’t hide either…from anything or anybody, I’m not embarrassed or ashamed, I’m one of those people who is thrilled about how my brain works…so…there you go.

It’s my life ……..mine. That simple fact carries great responsibility and accountability. End of rant…..