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You have bought into the belief that you have to have a career and only do one thing. Sure that’s the way the world wants you to be. It makes it easier to market to you and it’s cheaper for big corporations if people are willing to be drones and climb into cubicles until they go postal.

Think of all the people lack your talents… scratch that, all the people who don’t believe they have a lot of talents because they’ve never tried a lot of stuff, or more often, just gave up the first few times they messed up.

(Imagine if we didn’t learn to walk until we were thirty. People would take a step, fall, like a baby does, maybe try it a few more times, maybe even try for a whole hour, and then go, “Clearly, I’m not good at this.” Babies don’t care how they look or if they fail. They just want to walk.)

Sorry, I diverged!

Think of all the people who would envy your set of skills.

Why make a single career? Why do one thing?

Or even better, combine a bunch of things you like a create a whole new career path. Someone took High School year books and computers and created Facebook.