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Hey briochick – I work in a children’s rehab centre, in a job that is probably the most “perfect for me” one that I have ever had (caveat: I love kids, and have a lot of patience with them; also, I love being in the water).

I work in the pool as a lifeguard and instructor. I see different kids (for the most part) every day; my groups change every 30 minutes; there are four sessions each year, so things get “re-set” and I wind up with some new kids/some returning kids 4x/year; I get to sing and be goofy and throw kids in the air; I get to be physical; and I get to be *very* creative (figuring out how to teach/modify skills for a particular child with a particular disability can be a real brain-bender). And sometimes, as a lifeguard, I get the adrenaline boost of a rescue/first aid situation.

After trying *many* post-secondary programs in my 20s (I think I’m 28-going-on-19 – I really like your phrasing :), I am studying Occupational and Physiotherapy Assisting – in a lot of ways, doing what I do now, with more knowledge of anatomy/physiology/kinesiology, and not just working in the pool. Many of the people I work with comment on how “wise” I am (one of my classmates told me that I “exude knowledge”) – I definitely know what it’s like to be a Renaissance Chick, and I’m lucky to have found myself in a job that lets me use many of my abilities every day (with minimal paperwork :). This may or may not be helpful to you – I would second ADDled’s advice about looking for some outside assistance (if $$$ allows) – even a “regular” counselor would probably be able to guide you through a process of reflecting on your strengths, and figuring out what to do with them. Good luck!