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I’m 33 and like you, good at everything, master of nothing. I was a line cook and then a chef for almost 15yrs. Perfect for me, I was on my feet all day running around. Also if you’ve ever worked with other cooks, we’re all a bit Now I’m Develomental Service Worker, this is still new for me, I need to do a lot of adapting. I think that’s the key though “I” need to change and grow some more.

It requires me to do paper work, and holds me accountable, it requires me to slow down soemtimes and think. It also has me working with high behavioural individuals, and holds my intrest when I spend 90min. blocking hits from an individual. I like that I’m still challenged, on my toes and on the go.

I love helping and taking care of people, ultimately that was what I wanted. I also like the challenges and the personal growth. I know my limitations, I’d never be able to do a desk job. I’d say be aware of your limits, try things out. Good luck in your search.