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I just wrote a HUGE response to your post briochick and then after I wrote it, I realized how negative I sounded in it. I wrote of how the world doesn’t cater to us renaissance types etc etc and bitching about becoming a minion (or being entertained by them – it was a long one) etc. Then I thought to myself:

Words are powerful. Especially those that we invest thought and action into. If I think negatively and then go about typing it out or writing it down, I am reinfocing their potential to actually MEAN something to me. Then I thought of an image of someone who is covered by the choking smoke of apathy and being suppressed into the floor, never breathing the air of success above. It then occured to me that in my analysis of what’s WRONG in my life, I have become inattentive to what’s RIGHT in it.

Yes, having to settle for a job to pay bills sucks. Yes, I find that most jobs are about keeping up an appearance or flying under the radar or expertly adjusting yourself in a political setting (which is IMMENSELY difficult for us ADDers I think – something to do with being incapable of BS I believe). But honestly, isn’t it just a means to an end for for us? It allows us to do in our free time what pleases us, no? Spending time with friends and a nice cold beer by the dock etc etc. I must look at it thusly. If I do not, I will never breathe the air of success – which to me, is enjoying my life the best way I can given the fact that the World we live in is supported wholly by the machinations of earning. What’s the alternative? Being poor? Not having freedom? No thanks. Been there. It aint fun.

I’m not sure that this is “help” of any kind, but rather a viewpoint of riding alongside what you know to be evil, all the while keeping a vigilant eye upon it’s every movement, a hand on the hilt of a finely edged sword and the other eye marvelling at the beauty of all that passes by.