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The doc gave me a prescription for Genuine Concerta with no substitutions permitted as she printed a coupon for Concerta. The pharmacy filled it as such. I will not take that again. Feeling extremely pissed off for 7 hours straight is not a good thing. My girlfriend even commented that she had not seen me that pissed off in several years. Again, this was not a coincidence.


I went ahead and bought the generic Ritalin medication (methylphenidate) out of pocket because it takes a while for insurance approval. 10mg two times a day. I felt it would be a waste of time to get approval for a medication only to find out that it does not work.

I was hesitant to take the first dose because of what happened with the Concerta. I told my friend at work about the Concerta side effects and asked him to watch me closely for any abnormal behavior–good or bad.

I have taken the methylphenidate for two days now–both the morning and noon doses. No issues with irritability or anger. The med seemed to really kick my ass into gear and get me motivated to just do something. We are allowed two breaks at work plus lunch. I usually take them, but today, I did not even stop to think about a break. I just wanted to hurry up with lunch the first day so I could get back to my project at work. It was like lunch and breaks just got in the way. I almost looked like a tweaker running around getting shit done as fast as possible.

I reminded myself of one of Dr J’s videos as I was working very hard on a minor detail of a large project. I had to mentally stop myself and focus my enthusiasm on more productive tasks. No headaches or side effects that I have seen so far.

Tonight, I Googled ‘Ritalin’ and one of the street terms from a .gov website for the drug is ‘Kiddie Cocaine’. Not sure taking this medication is a good thing.