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Re: First Day taking any ADD medication–Concerta 18mg…

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Well, so far I have taken the methylphenidate for 6 days now. Still no issues like I had with Concerta.

It still looks like I am ramped up on speed when I take it though. Breaks? What are those? “Phil, take a break!” “In a minute, I gotta finish this…”

The urgency to get things done ramps up and down proportional to the medication in my body. Timing is obviously everything with fast acting meds. I sometimes forget to take it at lunchtime, but not a big deal. I still forget to take a lunch though. I am not loosing weight or going hungry.

Funny side effect–someone mentioned in another thread about how his focus was 360° in all directions, but as the med kicked in, his focus would slowly narrow to what is directly infront of him. I feel like this medication gives me the same effect. It feels like I have tunnel vision. I can walk by something and it will not attract my attention as before.

The lack of focus in all directions feels almost spooky–almost like my peripheral vision is gone, but in reality, my tendency to get attracted to random stuff is diminished. The worst place I get this feeling is driving a vehicle. I have to check my surroundings much more (mirrors, etc), because it feels like I am not paying attention or looking out for other vehicles, pedestrians and such. Safe driver though–never had an accident in my 20+ years of driving. Driving to work in the morning (no meds) does feel different than driving home on the med.

The point about the “kiddie cocaine” was somewhat humorous, but Ritalin is classified a schedule II drug–same category as cocaine. I have never taken or smoked any illegal / recreational drugs, but I am wondering if taking this med is really any different except for a prescription.