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Re: First hour and a half on meds

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I have a lot of anxiety when i’m not on the medication. How have you been sleeping? How has your appetite been?

I’ve been having some problems sleeping and some appetite problems. I’ve also gotten sick over this last week. I’m not sure if its from lack of rest and nutrients, i’m sure it is but then again it is the dead of winter and the peak of flu season.

I was thinking about how this has been going last night. Today makes one week that i’ve been on it. I’m a much better person when i’m on it. It really seems to help expecially at work. I was also thinking about the side effects though, and there are enough to get me thinking. I’m going to finish the month off I think and then report back to my doc with my journal. I have an appointment with a temporary counceller on Tuesday so we’ll see what he has to say.