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You sure know how to sound positively thinking personality…

It seems that there is moments and times with length and longitude to make one self feel hopeless with bottomless worries…

Coming times when one sees when there is more to see than just one does.

22 year old and has had two serious relationships? well that’s pretty awfully magnificent. You have been worthy to have those and surely when you know better it may come to you to know… there will others or just one more and none other but one never knows before time.

I sound like i’d be like old as hell (in my head though). But o’ve only had one truely serious relatiponship, one with half intent to be on my part other one resulted to without my knowing to go for another relationship not telling me about it and i had to get it known…… spying stuff…. uuh great..

But surely this last relationship truely were the point of getting myself to gather in short time some youth, some young adult’s attitude and when i thought i had gathered enough to be thought as more mature relationship had come to it’s end…

To get help, to gather network of supportive personalities (more than close relatives) and so on… These and many more are qualities which are ?taught?….

I feel like i have not come to get myself to that train or that cart to make myself to be one. I don’t like to make myself get in the picture and same time i’d like to be in some part… it is feeling in me guts that if i just maybe fuck things up it will be like… oh well you know the drift…

Well one is filled with words to express oneself and what would like to be…….

Like jeneticallyenhanced hmmm.. oh well modified (as one truely sees and writes the other) says it well when one has thoughts which doesn’t end in the middle but continues on (there come something else to cut it out and one can’t say what one was trying to say), and then goes for the some other thing to say which in the third sentence may tell.. “And about that again…..”

oh werll.. better to stop this rambling….. but all the best for ya…