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Re: first time poster with a question

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I’ll try to answer your questions as best I can.

First of all, ADHD is a failure of the executive functions of the brain. It doesn’t mean you’re stupid, it just means you cannot process things in the same manner as others. They’ve identified six functions as the executive functions in the brain and it is unlikely that any two given people with ADHD will have the exact same failures with each of those 6 functions. Some will be high in one or two areas moderate in a couple more and low in the other two. Some may be moderate in all six. It’s biology – everything is random.

When your mind wanders, it’s often because you are having difficulty prioritizing your thoughts. In the executive functions of your mind, everything has equal weight and deserves to be front and center – whether you want it to be there or not.

Believe it or not, I prefer an ordered world. In fact, when something is not behaving as it should, it makes me very upset. I tend to “hyper focus” on that task, I put my head down and immerse myself in finding a solution or “die trying.” Usually that’s when things get the better of me as the harder I try, the more futile the task seems to become. Instead of solving things, I get agitated. Only when I force myself to step back (no easy task), breathe (slowly, again and again) and maybe work off some of that excess energy (vexing tasks get my adrenaline up) do I manage to get myself calm enough to where I can trust myself to take another crack at it. Usually when I have managed to calm myself down do I realize that the problem was not the critical “do or die” one my fevered brain was making it out to be. I may still not have the solution, but without the hyper-focus tunnel-vision, alternative approaches do make themselves known.

Like I said, everyone is different. I hope you find something useful in there.