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LEDs are DC. If the power supply is filtered and has no ripple, it’s pure constant light with 0 flicker.

FAR superior to fluorescent lighting – which has mercury and is illegal to simply dump in the trash “technically” and if you break one, you should probably contact the EPA. Well, not really, but then, yes……….. HA

All lights other than LED are AC – meaning the power cycles between pos and neg, thus flicker, etc.

My eyes require that I have a LOT of light. I’ve got 6 4-tube 4′ fluorescent light fixtures in my lower level work area, and have 4 huge HID lights in my shop, which is lined with white steel. Then there are fluorescent work lights over my work benches to compliment the big overheads.

So maybe wit all the flickering lights I’m killing me?

Main level shop lights




Lighting in my wood shop upstairs before I finished it off and moved my tools up: