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Re: Forgetting to take pill.

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<<i’m not deliberately trying to make my life harder, though I know this isn’t something I have to explain here, thankfully!”>> Yeah, that self destructive streak is a real pain in the butt, I wonder if it’s a “thing”. I tell my cell phone to remind me to check my planner for stuff I don’t want to type out on the little tiny keyboard of my phone.

Kc, that head ducking thing reminds me of being a carpenter. A hard had adds about 2 inches in hight. So walking a scaffold, I would bump my head at every joint between sections. On days when I spent the day working on the outside finish. I’d go home with a headache. ugh. If I had sense back then I would have kept ibuprofin in my truck. But how many of us have common sense? At least we have a keen sense of the obvious :-)

Nellie, I think it just takes time for some sense to get knocked into our head, (litterally). Then we never remember the reason we duck, so I guess you’re stuck ducking until it starts to affect your back. Then you’ll go back to bumping your head on something because Murphy’s law never leaves us alone. I wonder if getting bonged in the head a lot is part of why we’re a little goofie?.

Common sense? uncommon sense? keen sense of the obvious. ADHD can be a very complex thing. No wonder we’ve got so many experts that don’t exactly agree. I like Dr. Hallowell, it’s easy to see he thinks like us in his writing.

I keep a days worth of pills in a little guitar pick tin. Phone reminds me to take certain ones. How many are left keeps me from taking an extra dose. That can be bad with Wellbutrin. A new phone reminder note reminds me to take coconut oil. There are some reports that it helps us think clearer. That reminds me….