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Re: Forgetting to take pill.

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I would also suggest an electronic alarm such as a phone or watch. But if you can’t stand to wear a watch and always lose a phone then obviously not the best choice! Incidentally, having the phone in a pouch is a great idea. I also did that in the past.

However, if none of those are practical for you, have you considered a post it note in a place that is appropriate to help you remember at the right time? For example, on the bathroom mirror so you’ll see it when you get up in the morning. Of course then the next step would be to have the pills right there on the counter so you can take them then and there as opposed to in another room where you’ll forget why you went in there in the first place? :-) If you are travelling and using some sort of cosmetic case to keep your toothbrush or whatever it is you need in the morning you can always put a not in there.

In my case I do forget once in a while, or worse can’t remember if I took them or not. I haven’t set an alarm but my trigger to remember seems to be the routine of getting coffee. It is ingrained that while the coffee is dripping I get my pill. I keep them in my purse nearby to the area so so far it has been a pretty consistent method.

Oh one last idea, what about your husband? Maybe he can set an alarm on his phone or watch or whatever and remind you in the morning before he goes off to work?