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I don’t use cocaine, I’ll rarely take an aspirin. Well, the not taking medication eliminates the formication but leaves me with untreated ADHD. Formication is a living hell, and way worse than ADHD imo. The stimulants did have a positive effect, especially on my driving, on my frustration levels, anxiety, things were better.. until I started to feel like I had hundreds of spiders marching all over me. It was like a never ending episode of fear factor. How is formication treated if I was to go back on meds? I can’t go back on meds unless the formication is treated because I’ll lose my mind.

I’m really not a drug addict, I was first diagnosed in the late sixties as ‘hyper’ and back then we were supposed to grow out of it. I didn’t think I needed any “damned drugs’ until my family begged me to at least try. Left to my own devices I would have said there’s not a darn thing wrong with having adhd and we most certainly don’t need to be medicated. Then I got medication.. can’t argue with improvement.. I would really like that improvement back without the creepy buggy feeling.