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Re: Found Husband was taking my Adderall

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Stealing your meds?!! If you were on heart medications or insulin dependent, would he steal those, too? I don’t even know what to say to this revelation (my first reaction was that you should be showing him the door and changing the locks). How is he otherwise? Please say that he has such other wonderful redeeming features that they actually overshadow the stealing.

What has he had to say for himself? Any remorse or is he just using you to get drugs?

Sorry to sound so hard but I really can’t fathom a ‘loving’ partner sinking so low to do this to you. Knowing the drugs were prescribed for YOU because you needed them and then taking them….that doesn’t leave much evidence to show that he cares about you and your well-being.

What do the rest of you have to say? I’ve known of doctors who stopped some children’s meds (I teach) because either mom or dad was dipping into them. Who is the biggest loser in that scenario? The child. He/she loses out while the offending parent is just the loser. In your case, you are losing out but your husband is the loser.

If your husband keeps stealing it when he can get at it and your MD finds out, you may not even be able to get what you need anymore. If your husband was to steal it from another person and they discovered who it was that had taken it, he would be arrested for theft! How does jail sound?

Exactly what has he got to say for himself?