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Wellbutrin XL definitely gave me a shorter fuse. It seems to be a very, very common adverse effect.

You would need to be prepared for the irritability it can cause (particularly when it is wearing off) and for the impulse to react with aggression where you were once too tired or depressed to stand up for yourself. (Really; this will sneak up on you!)

It seems to rev up the body’s metabolism and give one a greater sense of energy (a huge difference over the inertia of an SSRI), even restoring libido and reducing the urge and the need for more sleep. So basically, you would need to be prepared to *channel* this extra energy into exercise or other outlets. Be prepared to put your fist in your mouth in annoying situations. And because it’s so much easier to wake up and to get out of bed with this med, you would need to resist a powerful tendency to burn the candle at both ends and to sleep too few hours, which itself leads to irritability.

A common solution is to combine Wellbutrin with a low-dose SSRI. The Wellbutrin counteracts the libido-dampening effect of the SSRI, and the SSRI can often blunt the irritability of the Wellbutrin.