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Re: Frustrated Professional

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I was recently diagnosed at age 49. I have a profession and had a lot of good (but boring!) jobs…I quit them all. I started a few businesses and quickly lost interest. So now I am unemployed with a terrible looking resume, debts and a spouse that is pretty disappointed in me (and I don’t blame her).

I’m trying not to focus on what could have been. Of course those thoughts are still there and I wonder if I would be a success today if I had known and treated this earlier. I spent the past 10 years reading self-help books, but never was able to tie in my problems to ADHD…it took someone else to point me in that direction. So I’m a frustrated that I couldn’t figure this out sooner.

I’m trying to focus on better late than never and what I still have rather than what I may have lost. I still have time to turn my career around and my wife is still by my side…so I’m down but not defeated. Also, I have 4 kids who may be ADHD as well, so maybe they won’t need to wait 49 years for help.

I just turned 50 and started meds 3 days ago…so hoping for big things in my 50’s!