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Toofat is right.

But for what it is worth, my personal perception from the literature (and I might be wrong – I am not a medical doctor) is that:

1) The stimulants make the brain of the ADHD person more ‘normal’.

2) If someone who isn’t ADHD takes the stimulants at normal therapeutic doses orally, then they would just feel more alert.

3) Everyone reacts differently to the meds whether ADHD or not.

4) The problems arise if the meds are abused (ie not taken as prescribed and if not taken orally).

If someone who is not ADHD takes them then it’s just a waste because the benefit will be limited relative to the potential benefit the ADHD person might get (but not all ADHDers feel benefit from the meds).

Some web sites state that if you benefit from stimulants then you’re ADHD – other sources say that’s rubbish.

If the side effects worry you then take a fast release version in small doses so you can control it? The trick is to find a dose with minimum side effects but which helps the ADHD symptoms. The side effects generally disappear after using for a few days.

This is just my understanding – could all be wrong!