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Re: getting control of emails every day….

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1. Sort by sender and mass delete junk.

2. Sort by sender and move any of the “I would like to read it later” emails to a separate folder

3. Now that you removed the junk and the non-important messages now change your view and group your mail by conversation. I get 75 to 125 emails a day and a lot of them are replies to replies to replies.

Grouping by conversation serves a lot of good (a) I save time because I only need to open and read 1 email. (b) I can delete all the threaded emails that are already represented in the current one. (c) I get the full story befre firing off a reply. How many times have you either sent or received an email that was unnecessary had you read all you msgs before sending.

4. Send less and you will receive less. My company has an instant messaging app that I use frequently or I will just call the person.

5. Turn off all the notifications and beeping sounds so that you aren’t a constant slave to your mail. I flat out tell my coworkers and clients that I don’t check email religiously throughout the day and if they need my immediate attention that they need to call my office. This cuts back on a ton of ” oh yeah I forgot to ask you” emails because they either call me or send me an instant message.