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Re: getting drained from being around people

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Like Steffie101, I also have a job where I am actively talking and interacting with people all day long. I found the best way to transition to home life is to commute by bicycle. I am completely alone and focused on the road and my exercise. If I drive home, even if the radio is off, I do not experience the same amount of relief and break from auditory overload. I am very lucky in that I work by myself in a private office and do not need to interact with anyone other than my clients. I also have total control over background noise, such as the radio. Some days it helps my work flow, other days I cannot function with any additional input. I don’t function well at large parties, nor can I carry on a conversation in a loud environment (music or multiple conversations). Since I started taking medication, I am able to function quite well, even in the evening when I am no longer under the “influence”. If I forget to take my afternoon dose, it causes me to stumble and sets up a pattern that I am unable to speak. I am totally unable to even get the words out of my mouth that I am unable to speak and this has cause so much drama and pain with family and friends because they think I am giving them the “SILENT TREATMENT”. They don’t understand why I am able to talk some days and then not be able to talk the next day. No one seems to understand how I can talk all day to clients, but not “care enough” to talk with the important people in my life. As with any ADHD symptoms, my friends/family take my behaviors personally, even when it has nothing to do with them.