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Your symptoms are much broader then mine. First I would suggest that you find a good psychiatrist or psychologist, I am being treated by both. The psychologist provides talk therapy, my psychiatrist handles the treatment and drug interaction as well. I live in an area where it is almost impossible to find a psychiatrist taking new patients, and some that do will not accept insurance…cash only. But keep trying until you find one and you will find treatment much more effective.

My sleeplessness continues but I have more than ADHD going on. Everything started with narcolepsy at age 52, than came stress related heart attack at 60. The first diagnosis I got for my sleep problems was Chronic Leg Syndrome, to get to sleep I had to have my feet on the floor with pressure on them. I initially was prescribed a mild sleeping pill and later switched to Benadryl (2 tablets) before trying to sleep (mild sedative). I always remember that I was told that as a child I was a crib rocker and my crib would move around the room. I seems that the exercise helped tire my body and mine, you might want to try some exercise before trying to sleep.

I am also trying to increase my vitamin A with a supplement, your psychiatrist could have you take a blood draw to test for any vitamin deficiency. Do you dose off during the day to make up for not sleeping at night. If so you may want to have your ADD/ADHD treated to prevent that and you should be more tired at bed time. Another recommendation is to try meditation, I have friends that this works well for them.

One thing you should know and pay attention to. If you do not learn to control your ADD/ADHD you are very likely to end up a real victim of its bad effects. At age 63, after a very successful technical career and raising a family, it all came to an end when my wife decided after 49 years together that she could no longer accept my behavior decided to divorce me, another remodeling project was delayed by a year because of my procrastination, housing market collapse, sell the house for 150,000 less than I thought it would sell for, then came bankruptcy, the actual divorce, moving to an apartment 75 miles away and making sure I remain lonely, no joke, no excuses.