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1) Every meal I ate as a child was home-cooked from fresh ingredients

2) Don’t know how much TV I watched, but I don’t think it was more than an hour per day

3) My parents CONSTANTLY interacted and played with me. I didn’t give them any choice.

4) I had more than 1hr per day outside playing. Or inside, playing. I did a lot of playing and running around.

5) AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I didn’t have the impulse control to have anything resembling manners until I was 4

6) AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I would have been BORED, started trying to talk to EVERYONE AROUND ME and telling them they looked silly.

7) I’m from a part of the world and an era where a psychological assessment was done on kids before they started school, to be sure they were ready. I was 6 when this was done on me, and it was recommended that my starting school be delayed by another year because, despite my intelligence, I couldn’t sit still enough and would have suffered horribly in a school environment. They didn’t pick up on the ADHD, but they did pick up that I wasn’t suited to a standard classroom and the behavioural reasons for it. I was developmentally behind, which is part of ADHD.