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This is part of an ongoing anti-ADHD series in the Globe & Mail called “Failing Boys.”

It has become the BIBLE of my son’s father, who steadfastly refuses to allow medication for our son with severe-range ADHD. I’m appalled that, while the authors spout every logical fallacy, generalization and cherry-picked study in the book to gain readers for the paper, few bother to challenge them. The commenters are composed of believers in Big Placebo who represent the fashionably scientifically-illiterate general population, and they eat this stuff up.

Articles like this have appeared on the CBC website and in our local paper. And it’s like there are two camps, but the public is only hearing from one. The genuine experts don’t seem to be visible in the same forums actively challenging the growing myths and misconceptions around ADD. Maybe they aren’t being given any air-time when they do, or maybe journalists seek only the Fox-news versions of info on ADD. Maybe they’ve been silenced silly by the constant chorus of accusations that they’re co-opted by the pharmaceutical industry.

Or maybe they’re just busy — actually working on the front lines of treatment and research in ADD — while the band plays on around them. And while my son throws his pencil across the room for the third time and erases his homework so hard he rips the page.