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ADDled “In most cases the diagnosis of ADD is usually “made in the field” by teachers who are trying to educate kids with minimal disruption in the classroom.”

As a teacher I have to say that this is *not* supposed to happen.

What I was taught at the Faculty of Ed and during my Special Ed training was that we tell the parents about behaviours that are of concern, without trying to put a label on them. Next, we ask the parents if they are observing similar things at home. Then we suggest that they take the child to a paediatrician for assessment. We are not to attempt to diagnose kids, because it is outside our area of expertise.

That being said, my fiance’s niece had a teacher who insisted that she had ADHD and told them to take her to a specific Doctor in town. The parents took her to another Doctor at the regional children’s hospital, who assessed her and said she didn’t have ADHD. This didn’t satisfy the teacher, who kept insisting they take the girl to the Doctor she recommended. My fiance’s sister finally shut her up when she pointed out that the Doctor she was insisting they see had actually been a resident with the Doctor they saw at the children’s hospital.