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Re: Go public, or keep it a secret?

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hi , this is something that the more people need to hear about this the more it will be excepted. if we do not want to take the time to teach the people around us the truth about adhd and learning dissabilitys then how do we expect the thinking to change. I would love one of the t shirts I just wish this web address was on it as well.I don’t really care if people think I am a little crazy. as long as I know that this procces is helping me then it is worth it. I can tell you that this is if nothing else it is teaching me how to typ . when I can focus on what I am doing then I start making real procress . It’s when my concontration is not working those days it is like there is nothing I can do to get it started. does anyone else have this trouble or is this just a me thing again. some days my concerta is kepping me real focused and then some days I sould have stayed in bed.