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Re: Go public, or keep it a secret?

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I have a big mouth so as soon as I found out I blurted it out to anyone… family, friends, coworkers. Some family members laughed it out, some were surprised, didn’t know adults could have that. Some coworkers looked at me as to say ‘wo, too much personnal info, didn’t need to know that’. Others were concerned. My employer immadiatly took measures to help me according to the recommandations of the psychoneurologist who diagnosed me. One of my brothers discovered he might have that (and I agree). Now in retrospect, I think I should have bitten my tongue a bit. I kinda feel exposed as being a ‘disfunctionnal person’ (altough I’ve always kinda felt people tought of me as weird lol).

I guess I wanted to tell mostly as an apology, as powcat said herself, for my weird behavior. I wanted people to understand, there is a reason. I’m not stupid, lazy or crazy as the book says!