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Re: Go public, or keep it a secret?

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I’m a physiotherapist (Physical therapist) and decided to tell my boss within one week of being diagnosed…. I told him as a way to explain all my forgetting all the little things and explain my constant tacktful interupting during our weekly staff meetings (I don’t just like to hear my self talk… i just can’t help but blurt stuff out!). His response REALLY surprised me. He said “Do you think maybe you are just reading too many magazines that may be talking about ADHD lately?” He said it in the kindest way ( he is a very kind, accomodatin, understanding manager) but I left his office feeling like an idiot…. When he did my annual employee evaluation (which he had done at 6 months then not for 2.5 years, now) he realized how behind and absent I was in my charting…. I think he finally gets it now. I did a ‘told you so’ and he said ‘Ya, I guess I didn’t really get it!’ Anyway, long story short, I’m GLAD he knows as well as my close co’workers.

My husband always knew I was missing a screw so it was no surprise to him… he’s great and picks up on stuff I miss and teases me in a very LOVING way which he does about almost everything:)

I also told my family which went over just fine as my nephew broke the ice when he was about 12 years old with it. My sister is sure she has it… my mom probably has it and my son (9) is waiting to be assessed.

I think you should tell the people that need to know….. you don’t have to tell the world OR keep it a secret…. tell people as it comes up if you think it is appropriate :)