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Re: Go public, or keep it a secret?

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I too have an AD/HD “rockstar” t-shirt.

I use the shirt as a mental boost. I wear it for me, not to start a conversation (although this does happen) or “advertise” my condition.

Wearing it is a reminder of all the positive traits that ADHD people have — the fact we can do and accomplish things “normal” people just can’t. It is a reminder that the most successful people in the world -people like Richard Branson- have ADD, and that those of us with ADD have traits and abilities which just can’t be taught.

Mentally, it is my “rock star” shirt. I wear it when I want to remind myself I too am a “rock star”. It gives me a confidence boost, and extra focus. I’m not putting on a shirt, it’s almost like I’m pulling on a second skin made of Ritalin sometimes.

I often wear it below a casual long sleeve shirt worn unbuttoned, but have also worn it fully concealed beneath a dress shirt. I know it’s there, and sometimes catch myself brushing my chest to feel the logo imprinted on it. I’ve never worn it on it’s own, but no doubt will sometimes once the summer gets here.