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Re: having to rebuild your self-esteem

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Imagine a young person who is your child or someone you know who is really promising and has their whole life ahead of themselves, and is not damaged goods, and could do anything in life. Now if you could advise them, or provide resources for them, what would you do? what would you say? Would you encourage them to look nice? To get educated? To make friends and surround them with positive people who can help them succeed? Would you want them to have a clean and nice environment to work and live in? Now flip it around – that person is you! You can be your own best friend and nurture yourself and belive in yourself! It just might be contagious… When you are doing new things and improving your life, people are attracted to that because they want to be around people who are on a good path. It’s a snowball, momentum kind of thing where you start small with something you can definitely succeed with, and then it makes you and people around you feel good, which powers you up to the next thing. And so on and so on, with failures and successes and two steps forward and one step back. It’s kind of like being adolescent all over again… I don’t know, I’ve managed to come up from the ashes more than once by doing stuff like this…