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My 12 year old son takes adderall. It seems to work for him. Believe me, I think about popping one just to see what happens.

Although I can appreciate the “idea” of keeping a journal and tracking myself on a specific medication, its just seems overwhelming for me. I have never been able to consistently write anything down or find it later. I start but it never goes anywhere. I realize that this cop out could cause me to struggle with finding the solution, but with work, 4 kids, special education for my 12 year old, looking for a new job, selling my house and moving all at once the thought of keeping a journal on top of it all just makes me say. “aaaarrrrrrghhh” I have a lot on my plate right now, so stress is high in general.

Doctor Question: Do I need to work with a psychiatrist or can I use my regular MD and work with him on this.