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Re: Help! my boss doesn't beleve in ADD

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“It’s so frustrating to still be having these arguments, isn’t it?” Yes!

Sorry David, but there probably isn’t any location and I haven’t found any employment setting where “people understand”. Some employers may try to help you, but their success and the success of their business or organization is their chief concern. (Understandably). So for me, the best response I have gotten was; “sorry, I wish I could help you, but if you can’t do what we need you to do as well as someone else, we will just have to get someone else.”

I live in the US and have had the kind of problems you described in every job. After being diagnosed about ten years ago, I studied ADHD and found that passion can make all the difference. I have a passion for helping others, so I went to graduate school to work as a Rehabilitation Counselor. That’s some one who helps people with disabilities find work that suits them and uses their strengths. There is a piece of legislation here called the Americans with Disability Act that says it’s illegal for employers to discriminate against people with disabilities if they can do the job “with reasonable accommodations.” ADHD qualifies as a disability for this. So, I figured; “Wow, I can help people like me and other people with strengths that are being overshadowed by their weaknesses at work. Surely this is the place for me! If anyone understands what I am up against, the people at a state Vocational Rehabilitation office will!” Wrong. There was the same ignorant attitude there as anywhere else I have tried to work. Actually, it was worse that some. That’s why this forum and website and “Mr. Rick” and his friends are such a Godsend! At least Here, People Understand! That helps.