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To anyone in this situation: I would do this ONLY if your place of employment is unionized. Otherwise, expect the worst. You will be regarded as more trouble than you’re worth.

Having said that—Shutterbug, I’m very sorry you’re going through this. I know how hard it is on the spirit.

For anyone in this situation who sees the writing on the wall: If you’re going to turn your situation around, it’s very important to start such a meeting with “Here’s what I’m going to do to improve” FOLLOWED by “And here’s what I need from you.”

Whether or not you also disclose your ADD, humility and proactivity are your only chance.

As initiatives, you might list things such as:

– you will start using colour-coded files

– you will use a checklist (created and presented by you in the meeting) of often-missed details that you’ll be following from now on

– you will stay an extra 20 min. each day (without additional pay) to review your own work

– you will enlist a colleague to coach you or to review your work before it goes out

It’s crucial to keep your wording in this discussion revolving around what’s good for your employer rather than what would make your life easier.

DO mention your other assets as an employee and how these contribute to a better workplace or a higher bottom line.

DO ask for constructive criticism, and keep your body language receptive and positive when you hear it. Ask for specific examples and clarifications if you need them. Take notes and say thank you for the feedback. Say how you intend to act on it.

Employers, especially non-unionized ones, are NOT obligated to retain or provide extra support to anyone. They are also (at least where I live) not under any obligation to provide a good reason for letting someone go.