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shutterbug: if the hint about where you work indicates what most of us in the IT industry would easily guess…..(read: if you work where I think you work)….you might be in luck. That particular company has a good record in accommodation, and you might be well advised to disclose your ADHD to them. Before doing so, you’ll need to do some research just to see what their track record is on accommodation. My guess: they do NOT want bad publicity following them anywhere, so they’ll do their utmost to hang on to you IF you disclose.

Normally, smaller companies would just as soon as soon get rid of you once you disclose your condition, just as Saffron said. But larger companies like this one – it’s quite the opposite. You might not get advancement as quickly as other people in the company, due to the personal perception and bias of managers, but I strongly feel there’s an excellent change they won’t get rid of you.

Good luck!