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That’s so dang true toofat, very. I wash vegetables in – about 1/3 of a gallon of vinegar, n water, plus about 1/4 cup baking soda, and the juice of 1 or 2 lemons, I wish I could say this in metric measurements, but that would involve MATH, yikes!! Slosh n soak the greens, beets, peppers, tomatoes, or whatever for a good 5 minutes, scrub stuff like carrots, apples, n donuts, oops no donuts, (sorry if you’re a cop). and then rinse it all really well with tap water. All the time I find mud! in the bunches of fresh spinach, or parsley that I stuff in my juicer. The mud is laden with all the junk listed on toofat’s post. I like to push the greens through my juicer with carrots, apple slices, celery. Just grab lot’s of different colors of veggies. A wide variety of color is an easy way to cover all the different nutrients we don’t really want to study about.

It’s okay to take vitamins. maybe it’s better to use a juicer. I would feel like a cow chewing it’s cud if I ate all the veggies I put through my juicer. Take the pulp that it pushes out into the “pulp bin” part of your juicer. Stick that in your blender with some yogurt, ice, a little milk, or maybe almond milk, even water and protein powder. I’ve been adding probiotics to the mix too. I think it helps with digestion some. Digestion is complicated stuff. I’m not sure about the probiotics. I doubt there’s enough in most yogurt to help. The trick for me is to REMEMBER to put probiotics in my dairy stuff. Ya can’t tell if it’s working if ya don’t use it consistently. Now that I’m getting a handle on the ADHD, I bet I can find out just how much the probiotics stuff is actually helping me. What’s important is to get lot’s of fruits n veggies. A good protein source, lot’s of clean water. I double filter my tap water too.

The wax on non-organic apples traps in a lot of that crud toofat talked about. It may sound a little bit paranoid. But my gut instinct says it’s true about all the new toxins on our mass produced, machine cleaned, and chemically preserved “health” food. I haven’t had a microwave for years. I think I might already have a brain tumor though. Too late!! dang it…

Do be aware.

PS, my sense of time is freaked out, it seems like it’s been much longer than a month since we wrote the stuff above here. Maybe just because it’s the beginning of the month. In maybe a week it might say 2 months… That’s what freaked me out, hmmm a number? of weeks ago, lol. Maybe ADHD time rolls differently from “other peoples” time. It’s good not to be “other people” huh?, I’m perplexed. Maybe I got dosed with too much pesticides when I was little. Ack!! mom put miracle gro in my cereal!!! jus joken.

3-4-2012 It’s late though, so it’s almost the 5th… hmmm. I can’t count sometimes either. Maybe now that I’m trying methylphenidate (generic ritalin) I’ll be able to tell time… maybe even count without using my fingers! cool, huh?

Will wonders ever cease? :-D