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<<<<<<< as if my life depended on it. >>>>> I think it does, the quality of your life definitely does. I hope you keep posting about this, it’s very good information.

<<<<< I still have short term memory, forget things, get lost…etc. but I find that the “fog” has lifted – and this has enabled me to see the problems more clearly & start to deal with them, set in place ways to cope…I am just beginning to get a clearer picture of what I need to do to organize my life so I can function on a daily basis…

I have an issue with interrupting people as they are speaking & seem to take half and hour to say something when I could have said it in a few minutes…also I seem to give out too much personal information…>>>>>>> **me too man, it’s a bummer, friends get fed up n leave**

<<<<<<<<Are these all part of it??>>>>> **Uhuh! yep, you betcha** <<<<<<<< I seem to have read somewhere that it is…and if it is, does anyone have any tips to try & combat these issues??? >>>> Tips are all over this web site, I’m working on a “best of” page” been working on it for at least a week. Please keep an open mind about getting a complete, professional diagnosis. You’re doing great, but please don’t completely rule out medicine. I’m sure it’s possible to learn to live with those problems you’ve listed above. I’m finding that it’s much faster with some direction from my doctor, psychiatrist, counselors, etc., It’s easier, and less painful for the people in my life who want to be friends with me. My ADHD “ways” do hurt the human relationships I have, not many, just a die-hard or two who haven’t been friends with me long enough to get fed up… Just 5 mg of the generic ritalin 3 times a day, 150 mg of Wellbutrin (the generic of that too, budeprion) and prozac, (again, the generic) work. With the education here, and just a little bit of ritalin. I’ve cut the prozac in half from 20 to 10 mg, over 4 months ago, and the budeprion from 150 mg. 2 times a day to just one, that’s just when I started the ritalin a little over two weeks ago… um, I think. I’m sleeping better. Mostly because I have a life now. Exercise = good sleep. I think the prozac and wellbutrin were adding to the pre-existing problems I’ve always had about sleeplessness. I always fell asleep in school. Got in trouble for being late, cutting school. All the same stuff the rest of the gangstars here have gotten in trouble with.

I’m far from perfect now. Don’t want to be. Imagine if none of us had problems?, If we were all sane, it would drive most of us crazy!!! lol. Yep, huh? uhuh!.. dang rite man. yoo betcha. Ditto… Freaking stark ravin maddness taboot! DGMS (at’z -don’t get me started-, an ADHD thing…) huh? yep, yeah!!! uhuh!! hehehe. LOL ROFLMAO n just pee’d!!! AACCKK!! (joken, no yellow accident today)

It’s easier now for me to remember to eat healthy!!!, It’s less work to motivate myself because I can see real awesome results. Reely real!!! Hmmm, I think eYm gettin a lil carried away, does that happen to you? if so, it might be ADHD that’s making you do that ya know. Just sayen.

You can help us all tons just by keeping us up to date on your progress.

I want to encourage you, and remind you that we can’t be a fanatic about any one single part of the WHOLE holistic solution, get it?. Well, actually it is sorta fun to be a fanatic, huh? no nebber mind. don’t do that. Well. heck man do whatever you want. I ain’t no termite!!!

K, stick with me now… almost done.

Good luck Phoenix4ever I hope you’re also watching the video’s here, Dr. Jain wastes zero time in getting down to the core solutions in his video’s, and all his writing, he’s also on an excellent video here http://www.caddac.ca/cms/video/player.html [Darn, it was there weeks ago, if I find it I’ll come back n post an address] Check the videos here. We’re super lucky to have so many professionals helping us for NOTHING!!!, actually, they get paid in well being, happiness, and of course more success!. People like us plastering our stories of climbing out of “ADHD hell” are a testament to the crew here, and the gazzilian members that post here also show the results, be patient, take the time to read a ton of what’s here. The videos are super great when I just can’t read. But that’s mostly behind me. Heck writing is much easier now too.

Stick around, and thanks for taking the time to read. Be like gloo!


PS, caffeine and ritalin DO NOT MIX, that’s just my experience. I complained at the pharmacy for not warning me. I think I remember Munchkin saying that too. I really do miss coffee. I make it excellent. yum!!! deeelish! I better shut up…

PPS Be like Gloo man!!