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Re: High pain tolerance, ok, but why?

Re: High pain tolerance, ok, but why?2011-06-22T07:05:10+00:00

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It’s so strange that I came across this post tonight, as I’m sitting here, awake and in pain with a toothache. I’ve noticed that I do seem to experience pain different than others may but I don’t believe that my threshold for pain is greater, just that it’s difficult to localize the pain. This damned toothache is the best example I can think of to explain my theory; while I call it a toothache, it’s almost impossible to know which tooth is hurting as I don’t have a broken tooth or a missing filling and it’s almost impossible for me to localize the pain. Therefore, my “toothache” is really more of a “whole-right-side-of-my-mouth-ache”. As such, it’s tough to use topical analgesics meant to numb toothache pain. I have to believe that just as focus and concentration are in short supply to us ADD ers, the ability to localize pain may also be something we are deficient at as well. perhaps it is somewhat easier to tolerate pain when the area of pain is so non-specific? I mean……you know where the pain’s at but it seems to radiate out from the true source, if you know what I mean. As for this toothache….I probably would’ve gotten myself to a dentist if I didn’t have a better-than-average tolerance for pain so, in my case it’s not so much a benefit of ADD as it is a curse. It’s good to see it mentioned here as I wondered if the whole pain tolerance thing was related to my ADD. It’s so much easier to accept the condition known as ADD when I understand it better. Now if I could only accept the pain of this toothache so I could get a little sleep!! ;-))