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It sounds like some of the things you describe fit into what some people consider to be “sensory processing difficulties” and I don’t think the ‘experts’ know exactly what to make of this. I understand some people are lobbying for sensory processing disorder to be another diagnosis in the DSM V (coming out next year) but I think that is very unlikely due to the lack of research/evidence to provide a more scientific explanation of this issue that is described by many people. But you can google sensory integration dysfunction and similar terms to explore it a little bit more. There are many theories and therapies for this; I’d be interested to hear your perspective on some of them given your personal experience.

All that aside, I’ve heard many accounts of people describing heightened sensory awareness to the point of it being intolerable/painful. Like Abbey said, it is described commonly in people with autism (Temple Grandin is well known for her descriptions of her own hypersensitivity to certain stimuli including hugging/touch and she regularly seeks out more calming types of sensory experiences- you can look up her “squeeze machine”).

I personally think ADHD and hypersensitivity to certain things may definitely be related. When you have a brain that seems to pick up on everything going on around it, it makes sense that it would also be hypervigilant (overly sensitive) in terms of processing other sensory information as well. I find this in my own experience though not to the degree you describe but definitely to noise. I can’t imagine how tiring and difficult it must have been for you to endure some of those things you describe! How do you manage now?

Also-I’m not sure if you saw a ringing in the ears forum posting a while ago that was linked with a certain ADHD medication.