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Re: how can i help him

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You are helping him with his school work, scheduling, and seeing the right folks for meds so that is great. I might suggest some sort of counseling to help him with the self esteem issues. If counseling is not an option I may suggest “bibliotherapy” and look for books that not only handle the practical side of things (schedules, work) but also delve into the emotional journey (relationships, self esteem, self worth). You may also try to help him look at the positive aspects of his life as well. I know personally I was so bogged down by all the failures I’ve experienced that I neglected to look at the positive things I’ve accomplished. A change in perspective often does wonders. A support system will help too. You and your family sound like great supports but maybe suggest a site such as this one that has multiple people going through similar circumstances. Good luck, have patience, and have faith in him!