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I am a self-employed salesperson for the last 12 years. The sales cycle in my industry is appox. 60 days, plus or minus. The perfect length for an ADDer. I get to know the client personally, treat them with care, share my knowledge with them and then make the sale. If the sales cycle pushed out to 90 plus days I would lose focus, or need time away from them to regenerate my batteries.

Prior to being self-employed, I held a few middle management positions, I either lost focus and left or, would get pissed at the inability of upper management correct obvious flaws in systems and procedures, then I would quit in disgust. My ADD curse is not being able to look at a situation and just let it happen. I must analyze and then consider solutions, provide input or get directly involved.

What I have started to do, in business or personal situations, is recognize those who have the same ADD gift/curse I have. I can spot/feel an ADDer, wether they are standing across the room or standing right next to me. Just the way they talk, the way they view people and the world around them, unique. And, most have no Idea what they have or why they act the way the do.

I have found most ADDers are insightful but forgetful people; they have a strong sense of community but they like their personal space. Most cannot tolerate those who make simple mistakes, then, two minutes later they will offer the same person guidance and assistance. I guess it speaks to the way our brains function?