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Re: How did I fall the cracks???

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Oh survivor05, you sound soooooo much like me (except the talking in school part)!!!!!! I am now 40, never was diagnosed, was sooo lost in school, nobody even looked twice or blinked my way. It was like I was invisible! When my son (who is now 16) was struggling horribly in school as I did, I started researching as to why. It was then that I realized that he has ADD and that I passed it on to him. I too have had horrible guilt for it! I am now seeing the same problems in my 13 year old daughter with the talking in school all the time added to her symptoms. I hate that they have to struggle as I did my whole life, but am so thankful that I have recognized it and gotten my son help. Now I need to get my daughter help. I do struggle off and on with the guilt, but as brentitude said, we need to overcome that. We have struggled with enough guilt about all of the failures we have had in our life already. I don’t know about you, but I would like to finally be free of the negatives that this condition brings and finally just enjoy life and my kids! Good luck to you my ADD sister! :)