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Re: How did I fall the cracks???

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Unfortunately, many people fall through the cracks in the same way you did.

And when you think about it, it’s understandable: for centuries, Western civilization (formerly known as Christendom) believed in free will—the ability of people to exercise their moral wills to make good or bad choices. Researchers working on ADD suggest that this particular neurological disorder impairs the moral will. People who suffer from ADD/ADHD make life choices that often lie outside the boundaries of what is considered prudent, acceptable behavior—not because they are bad people, not because they do not know good behavior from bad, but because they are driven by compulsions that are bigger than they are. Though they try as hard as they can, they cannot get organized, they cannot focus, they cannot sit still, they engage in dangerous activities, etc.

This is revelational. And, if true, it turns centuries-old notions on their heads. Many people, understandably, have been reluctant to accept that this can occur. They insist that all humans have the ability to make choices, for good or bad. To admit that a neurological impairment can short-circuit free will is not a place they want to go. In fact, it’s a place they can’t and won’t go, because it would mean jettisoning their core beliefs.

ADD poses all sorts of problems for those who suffer from it. But it also poses considerable problems for people who have to live with ADDers… and people whose theology/worldview is predicated on the free exercise of the will. They certainly have a lot to get their heads around.