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Re: How do I come out of a hyper-focus episode?

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I wish I had a good solution. In this case, it’s probably more accurately called inability to CHANGE focus. (hyper-focus is often misapplied when it’s really that you can’t change focus, not that you are deeper into it than anyone else would be)

I get that way in my wood shop. I’m SO determined to get it all painted, the trim up, things sealed and finished, shelves put in, tools put away, and everything cleaned I can loose a whole weekend out there. I try to get other things going I also want to do badly…. so that they are a diversion I WANT to do, makes it easier to break away.

If it was a computer habit issue, you can install software that will force a logoff or shutdown, etc.

You can also ask a friend for help –

in my case, I tell my wife “at 6pm, stop me no matter what – just do it no matter what I say or do, even if I say “just 10 more minutes”, make me stop NOW”.

If you have seen a doctor/psychologist/ect. check with them – I don’t suggest meds are the answer – but in some cases for some folks, like me, that’s one of the fixes we’re shooting for, and I’m to check back in next March and if I don’t see improvement in that area, she’s going to make a med change for me. This may not apply to you, and I don’t mean to suggest meds are always the answer, or even most of the time the answer, but they can, as they say, give you a leg up so that YOU can regain control.

Let’s see what the more wise folks here have to say! This is a very interesting topic so close to the hearts of most ADD folks.