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Roget that! I can’t believe the number of mis-diagnoses my parents received regarding me and the number my wife and I got regarding my daughter. The breakthrough happened at the Ryther Childcare Center, where after 1 1/2 years of daily “services” for my grandson, a research doctor (not a practitioner) suggested that we look into ADHD. We spent almost a year looking into it, and then gave it a try. And wow!

Notice the order of my family’s diagnoses; grandson, daughter, and lastly, me. Same with you and your mom? Ever had a serious talk with her about how much fun it was to raise you and having no clue as to what was wrong. She probably harbors a lot of useless guilt and shame – which may explain why she was not terribly open to the subject. Please, pardon my irresponsible wild-ass ramblings, I don’t know either of you. And, it’s none of my business anyway.

As you might guess, I do not queue (stand in line) gracefully. I have a home theater with a very cooperative projectionist :-). It is made from depreciated cinematic components (recycled and rebuilt) because I perceive sitting in a movie theater as a serious threat to my sanity. I avoid concerts and plays – which is difficult because my wife is a playwright. I have three DVR’s to watch TV for me. Fast forward, pause, and rewind are a godsend.

Last week, my business partner, brought over his Blu-Ray player and we watched a movie (Dark City). I was evaluating Blu-Ray for a possible upgrade. I was also installing “eliot” (Scrabble) from source on my wife’s computer (over an hour to compile and link). My partner has Tourettes, which at a superficial glance, is much more obvious than my ADHD. From what I have read, OCD, Tourettes, and ADHD are closely related (causal, not symptomatic). We share a great deal of empathy for each others traits.

In the decade we have worked together, he had never witnessed my typical “caged” ADHD behavior. He was worried that I was missing so much of the movie (popping up & down, pause & run) but was too polite to ask. At a business meeting later that week, I asked him how he enjoyed watching a movie with a flaming ADHD type. We had a good laugh. And in fact, I enjoyed the movie very much. The theatrical cut left too many scenes on the floor. The directors cut is so much better.

I really should have treated him better (during the movie). It’s hard to find the right balance point (if such a balance exists).

Would you believe I’ve been retired for over 10 years? The real miracle is that my wife has stuck with me for well over 40 years.