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Re: How do you know what is a problem??

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>>especially since I feel like my biggest difficulty with adhd is actually accepting that I have it! <<

THAT is normal! It happens with all sorts of things, not just ADHD. It’s part of the normal human process. Acceptance. Many go through a disbelief, then an anger, sadness, all sorts of things – and you need to go through it all, then accept it, and move on DECIDING to do something about it. And it’s a decision you have to make. It’s a choice – decision. Make that decision, stick with it.

Social conduct? LOL – that’s where I get into my most trouble ;-) Not that I’m not normally an ornery person anyway – my brothers and I are all fun-loving and can be quite “bold” and honest………. and I think even without ADHD – I’d have some of that. But with me, I’ve got it so bad I tick people off almost daily, seriously. I get them from miffed to so mad they want to kick my butt out onto the street. (I have trouble with being TOO honest at times)

>>For me – ANY improvement is life changing! So, I would probably settle for something that is barely working for a long time before I would even think of switching. (Imagine if another med would work ten times better?!!)<<

Yeah, I’m just starting that journey. I think there’s improvements going on already and I’ve just begun. Part is meds, then I’m trying to pick up where they leave off…………. however, the meds are not having much impact now a few weeks into it.

>>Still – it’s been my experience that if you start jumping from one med to another too quickly, you can’t tell what is the med, what is the withdrawal, and whether you even took it long enough to really help!<<

That’s what the docs and I have to work with now…………. I’m VERY VERY VERY impatient – I want it all and I want it now, so that’s going to be an issue. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfLD-7bCtME