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Given that you are College students, the best place to provide ADHD education is to your fellow students. If you are connected to the Student Services departments of your institutions, sometimes the easiest strategy is to volunteer to run a group. Here is a typical group structure: a) someone is the timer/monitor, b) 10-12 people, c) pick a topic out of the hat. Now, each person speaks to the topic while the monitor allows everyone to speak for 5 minutes at the same time writing down the comments in summary. Then, when it is obvious that there is a common thread amongst the group, the monitor looks for solutions. Everyone gets 3 minutes to come up with a solution [ADDers are great at problem solving for someone else]. The monitor writes down the answers. Then the monitor reviews the answers, there is a short discussion as to which are good suggestions and then there is a vote. The best solution is the one everyone goes home and tries out. This is called Problem Focused Therapy and an interested ADDer can be a great service if they want to educate others. Of course, spread the word: is here for everyone too.