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Re: How is ADD Afftecting your life?

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I know that, ideally, it would probably be better for ADDer’s who drive to be on effective medication. But I understand why people would go ahead without it. I myself don’t drive, partly because of the ADD. But I live in Toronto, and I can manage with public transit. A lot of places public transit is limited, or non-existent. (Many of these same areas are also woefully under-served by family doctors, much less specialists of the kind who can diagnose and prescribe for ADD.)

The problem is, a driver’s license is the gold standard of government issue photo ID. Not having one can make everything from voting to applying for a job difficult. I have a passport but it is a poor second choice for most purposes, and I generally have to produce a secondary piece of ID to go with it. In order to be able to pay for a diagnostician’s services, not to mention the ongoing cost of prescription meds, the average not-independently-wealthy adult needs to be gainfully employed in the first place, which means being able to get to work, which (in many places and circumstances) means being able to drive.