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Re: How To Accept This As a Severe Mental Disorder (in an adult)?

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I have read your post and I would like to offer some observations based on my self having ADHD and taking extended release medication

I too had many of the systems you have described. Leaving jobs have finished–sloppy work- not wanting to do things, procrastination. etc

It appeats to me your husband has very active mental channel flipping and is fustrated by his inablities . Rushing jobs just to get them done….I have been there… I could not start a job if things wre not perfect to begin with. When I ran into a problem..I got fustrated and dropped it…undone.

ADHD medications wear off over time- I take my medication in the morning. It starts to take effect- and then starts to wear off.

I try to do things when the medications are active. I focus and see the clutter. I know I have to clean up and I do it.

My medications give me energy, the desire to do things correctly. and the ability to evaluate alternatives.

My medications relieves my stress and anxiety it stop my impulse to speak or lash out…

I wonder if your husband is taking the medicine or the correct dosage.

Different medications have different release rates. Some act instantly some take time and others are a combination of the two

One forum member explained how she varied the medications/dosages durring the day to handle each days tasks and objectives.

I am concerned about your husbands lack of cooperation. His internal anxiety and stress might be far greater. He might. be at his mental limit. and has partly shut down/blocked any comments as a self defense mechanism.–

Your post suggests he might also have some psycological scar issues from early childhood. He might need more counseling with a professional.

PLEASE REMEMBER.. ADHD medication is not a cure. It helps for a limited amount of time and everyone is different

The dossage should be correct and the way it is administered. There is Instant acting to get started-timed release to keep going durring the day…

Best of luck….