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Re: How to stop the sensory assault?

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SMB too.Sleep problems, awaiting sleep study. Taking Ritalin 10 mg 3x day, ADD confirmed but no formal diagnosis yet.

I do wake up early because of light coming in, so I am thinking of getting light-blocking shades.

I can’t sleep with a/c blowing on me so it gets turned off at night. When it’s cool, I have wear sweatpants and long-sleeved tshirts and I like blankets, even if I kick them off. I go for the extreme comfort level when sleeping since I’ve always had sleep issues.

I wear earplugs too but they are pretty comfy (I get the tapered fluorescent orange ones from Shoppers Drug Mart, used to buy ear plugs by the case at industrial supply outlets).

Have you tried doing some kind of exercise when you get up? I start with meditation for about a 1/2 hour, followed by some chigong, but I also practice yoga so some gentle yoga might help. You can get yoga and meditation DVDs at your local library for free.

In meditation training, we learn to let the racing thoughts go by, without getting involved in them. You can’t stop them (espec ADDers) but you can learn to let them go and come back to the breath or whatever your meditation focus is.