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@Dennis – If I read you right, you are saying that anything that can be achieved being guided can be achieved alone. If you are a knowledgeable enough to guide yourself, then I agree, but don’t discount the skill of the hypnotherapist.

I also agree that ADHD starts as a matter of genetics influencing chemistry, but remember, there is a person involved. The way we FEEL about our chemistry also influences our chemistry. Would you agree that feeling hopeless and / or powerless in the face of ADHD will make the person’s experience of ADHD worse? There are people on this site who did not get a diagnosis (or an explanation for that matter) of what makes them tick (i.e. the ADHD) until well into adulthood. Some are dealing with a lifetime of what they perceive as failure or not living up to the creativity they feel inside. Hypnotherapy helps people deal with negative thoughts and behaviors quickly and easily. Of course there are other modalities. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a good alternative and I have known CBT therapists to employ guided visualization with clients in a relaxed state. Whatever you call it, this mode of relaxation has been proven effective at helping people change their thoughts, feelings and behavior.

The thing is, hypnosis involves two people talking – no drugs, no surgery, no expensive equipment, and no long term commitment. It isn’t a “cure” or a “treatment” for ADHD, but I think it should be seriously considered as a way to address the secondary emotional issues that often accompany ADHD.