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Interesting to find this as a topic. Thank you ShaneG, I probably would never have broached it.

In the 80’s I went to a hypnotist here in Chicago. I quit smoking for 4 months (very comfortably) and was picked up from a demotivated state. Needless to say old habits became prominent as I went into high pressure sales where everyone was drinking cigarettes and smoking coffee, poor pun intended.

I realized the value of what had happened and went again to the original hypnotist. With a lackluster result, I tried several others with similar results. From there I became insistant, reading pertinent chapters of many textbooks, many books and tapes of all stripe, articles and papers. Freud, Jung, Bandler and Grinder (NLP), Milton Erickson, among others. Without result I kept the quest into the mid 90’s. Seeing the PBS program my jaw was dropped in general but really hit the floor with the comment of hypnotism. It explained a LOT, and believably. But not everything …….

I’d taken a course of classroom hypnosis from a distinguished gentleman with real standing. Somehow I believed the efficiacy of this though I did felt little moved in any way. Suggestion? I was thoughtful of accepting offers from himself and several other hypnotists to take work in the field, but being so largely unaffected myself, I did not feel capable or truly called to help. Anyway, Mickey Mouse can get certified as I was to find later.

What happened originally was perhaps a fluke, or perhaps I was really into it when the old guy said to relax, etc,. as it was an 8AM appointment, me being no early riser. Then, the induction and suggestion was old timey as compared to what I’ve since experienced.

I haven’t given up the ghost of hope, but feel at present the “operator” or therapist would need to be exceptional for any venture on my part. As in any field there are many, but few capable therapists. NLP seems a claim I’ve seen but not equaled. Ericksonian ditto. I simply don’t have the influence or funds to go any further in the search, though I believe there is some merit and reason. Milton Erickson said something that’s intrigued me and stuck- “There are no resistant patients only inflexible therapists.” But, too, both he and Jung got no positive results with alcoholics, which may have some sway, if only topical.

Still suggest an account of Emile Coue by Dr Harry Brooks “The Practice of Autosuggestion”. It’s simple and not at all like the complicated mish mosh the high line psychologists made of Coue and his method.

Looking forward to hearing of any successes (or failures) in this subject. Thank you.